Norwegian teacher online

Norwegian online teacher

Let me introduce myself

My name is Knut and I’m a private teacher of Norwegian online. I was born and raised up in Trondheim in the central part of Norway. This is also where I completed my university education. I have a Master’s Degree in geography, with French and Norwegian as secondary subjects. I have been living in Holland since 2009.


The language teacher

Even though I live in Holland, I remain a true Norwegian. In order to follow my passion I started teaching Norwegian in 2014. Teaching my own language is for me a great pleasure, which also allows me to stay in touch with my country of origin. I have also taught Italian as a foreign language for several years.

I have lived in different countries before settling in Holland, and this has given me the opportunity to learn many other languages. Besides Norwegian and English I speak Dutch, French, Italian and German fluently. So yes, I’m a true polyglot. But Norwegian is of course my favourite.

As well as being an experienced Norwegian teacher, I have been working within tourism for a number of years. I am also a certified tour guide in the Netherlands. Knowledge of languages has of course been an advantage in that respect.


What I enjoy doing

In my spare time I enjoy reading or watching a good movie as well as spending time with my partner and friends. I also like physical activity, such as jogging and cycling.  Finally, we should not forget my favourite activity while in Norway—hiking in the mountains.

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