Norwegian via Zoom

Norwegian online at Lynganor

At Lynganor, you can follow a Norwegian private course online. The lessons will be adapted to your level and your needs by flexible use of teaching materials. The course is after all for you!


The video conference

The course will be organised via video conference. It’s like a video call, just a little bit more advanced. During the lessons we will be able to look at any text, e-book or website together. We can also write a text together using the digital whiteboard. For you as a student, there is no need to download anything. Instead, the teacher will send you a link.


Teaching materials

There will be a lot of emphasis on oral practice. However, reading and writing is also very important. In most cases a textbook is of great help when learning a language. Nowadays, many textbooks are also available as e-books. Using an e-book, the teacher and the student can look at the same page together. Written comments can also be shared.

If you prefer to use a printed book, it is still possible to combine this with online resources. In addition, short videos and listening exercises can be used for online lessons. Of course, exercises can also be sent by e-mail. At the highest levels, articles from newspapers and magazines can be used as well.


Recommended textbooks

The Norwegian editor Cappelen Damm has s series of very good textbooks. There are both printed and electronic versions available.Are you a beginner or do you have just a basic knowledge? In that case, maybe you will find that På vei suits you. However, we recommend Norsk på 1-2-3 if you prefer a fast track study program. These books cover level A1 and A2, as defined by CEFR. At higher levels, we can use Stein på stein (level A1) or Her på berget (level B2).
If you already have a textbook, we can consider whether it is suitable.


The price is 24 euros for one hour (60 minutes) for one person. See here for further details.

For further information, please have a look at the frequently asked questions.
For all other questions, please get in touch.